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K-Line spray was produced over twenty-five years ago as a distinct improvement on existing sprays. It has a finer spray pattern, did not “blob” or “splatter”, and was almost odourless. Demand has increased so much that there are now six different sprays to aid the busy photographer; and they are constantly being improved. K-Line sprays meet all current EU standards and are ozone friendly. The K-Line reputation for quality and service is known world-wide so much so that the sprays are exported to over twenty countries.

K-LINE Matt Dulling Spray

Product Range

K-LINE Matt Dulling Spray

K-LINE Semi-Matt Dulling Spray

K-LINE White Dulling Spray

K-LINE Black Dulling Spray

K-LINE 4x Neutral Filter Spray

K-LINE Puff Air Duster

Our range has developed over the years, starting with the K-LINE Matt Dulling Spray to our latest innovation, the K-LINE Puff Air Duster. Our products are well renowned and are acknowledged as the market leader.

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As well as our range of products growing so has our worldwide coverage, we now cover 20 countries, for full stockists details visit our stockists page.


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